Eco Friendly

At Linx Hoardings we understand the need to reduce waste on projects and want to help you to deliver on those targets too. That’s why we aim to follow guidelines on circular economy and the use of sustainable materials in construction.

Our systems are recyclable, re-useable and have low carbon components and our aim is to source products that minimise damage to our environment, and install them in a sustainable way.

Linx Hoardings policy is to reduce waste, conserve energy and use sustainable sourced products and goods wherever possible. Our team are continuously looking at ways that we can become an even more sustainable business by researching the latest products and construction innovation.

100% of the hoardings we install are manufactured in the UK. Our goal is to offer products and systems that achieve demonstrable reductions in carbon emissions during the life of a project.

All our panels are made from recyclable material.

We make special efforts to extend the life cycle of all our products, so there is little need for regular replacements.

At the ‘End of life’, everything is recycled; we send nothing to landfill.

Carbon off Setting – all carbon emitted during transportation of our panels from suppliers is offset, so we’re always free to choose the best quality materials available without negative impact on the environment.