Who We Are

Linx Hoardings was established in 2018 and we are the best in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Linx Hoardings supply quality and maintainable hoardings for both internal refurbishment and external construction. Unlike many traditional hoarding methods, our systems maintain a professional look from the outset with no requirements to fill joints, sand down or paint.

Based upon strong values, we are fully committed to provide the highest possible standard of service available from planning & logistics to delivering a quality end product.

Why Choose Us

Linx Hoardings offer practical solutions to solve any requirements, making sure your project runs smoothly and exceeds all expectations.

Our installation team provide a professional and efficient service across an entire range of hoardings.

Where possible, we aim to fully install the hoarding including vinyl overnight – making the entire installation quick and easy, allowing you to take full advantage of the advertising space.

Our goal from the beginning was to bring the industries carbon footprint down. We work alongside our environmental policy which is approved to the ISO 14001:2004 standards. Please read our Eco Friendly page to see how passionate we are about this.

Castle Fine Art – Westfield Stratford

Job Brief – To supply fire rated hoarding and graphics for a new store opening.

Linx Hoardings worked with this client to understand their requirements for this job. This included the size and overall look of the hoarding once installed. Linx Hoardings supplied a fire rated hoarding to the front of the store and applied the Castle Fine Art graphics to the hoardings and surrounding windows all in the same evening. This provided the client with the instant ability to advertise their new store whilst carrying out the work inside.

DFS – Peterborough

Job Brief – To supply a temporary hoarding suitable for HSE Standards.

Linx Hoardings worked with the client to understand their requirements for this job. The client needed a system to cover the outside of the building so that they could remove fascia’s to update the retail park. Linx Hoardings supplied a concrete ballast hoarding to the front of the retail units so that the clients team could work behind and the stores could still be open to the public. The seamless finish provided by the Linx Hoardings system leaves an excellent surface for advertising and marketing. Upon completion of this work, the hoarding was removed and there was ZERO damage to the floor.